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servizio fotografico per matrimonio a torino

The photographer in Turin for the photographic service for your wedding

A good wedding photograph should not only be beautiful but also tell a story. The photographer must be able to capture the moments that recount the course of the day, from the bride and groom's first glance to their exit from the ceremony location. Additionally, they should be able to work with light and the couple's positioning to create artistic and original images.


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Preparation is a fundamental part of a wedding photographer's job

The photographer must meet with the couple in advance to understand their tastes, style, and expectations for the photos. This will give them an idea of what the couple wants and allow them to prepare for the wedding day. During the ceremony, the photographer must be discreet and unobtrusive, but also present enough to capture important moments. They should be able to work with other wedding vendors, such as the videographer or coordinator, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. After the wedding, the photographer must select and retouch the best photos. The photographic service must tell the story of the wedding in a complete and engaging way and must be a work of art that the couple can appreciate for their entire lives.

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